Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Ahikōmako membership is a product offered by Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. Membership to Ahikōmako is intended for professionals, entrepreneurs and Innovators, and therefore requires adherence to accepted standards of conduct and Te Wānanga o Aotearoa rules to safeguard the use and enjoyment of Ahikōmako by its members.


Each member contracts with Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, or referred to here as “TWoA”. TWoA reserves the right in its absolute discretion to change Ahikōmako with whom a member contracts from time to time.

TWoA reserves the right to charge members a credit card verification fee, a monthly membership fee and for admission to Name of space premises from time to time. The right to amend or waive any such fees or subscriptions from time to time shall be in the sole discretion of TWoA.

Ahikōmako will be based inside the Mangkotukutuku campus of TWoA located at Level 2, 254 Ohaupo Road, Glenview, Hamilton. Referred to here as Ahikōmako (“the shared space”). The contact person for TWoA is as follows:

Contact: Manager Community Experience & Events Phone: +64 27 305 9354 or 0800 355 553 Email: ahikomako@twoa.ac.nz


By completing and submitting your application for membership, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and our membership rules. The Membership Committee will review each application before accepting a new member. Once the membership is deemed as full, applicants will be put on a waitlist and reviewed as memberships become available. The Membership Committee shall have sole discretion as to who shall become a member of Ahikōmako.


The hours of trade are subject to change from time to time, however standard hours are between 7.00am and 10.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding NZ public holidays).


Membership is for a minimum period of 1 month from the date your membership is accepted and will continue on a month to month contract, unless renewed for further term as agreed by TWoA, unless terminated as follows:

a. Termination due to Member breaching the terms of this agreement – TWoA will notify the Member as soon as they are aware of any breach and allow the Member to remedy the breach within 5 working days or a date mutually agreed. Failing the Member being able to remedy the breach to the liking of TWoA within that timeframe, TWoA will immediately terminate the membership.

b. Termination due to failure to pay the subscription – if a member has not paid their subscription within 10 working days following the date the payment is due, TWoA will give the Member 5 working days to make payment of the amount owing but failing this, TWoA will immediately terminate the membership.

c. Either party may terminate – either party may terminate the membership upon giving the other party 1 month’s written notice.


By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that TWoA will hold your personal information requested in your application for membership, and a photograph of you for use for all purposes relating to your membership and use of the shared space within TWoA. If any of your contact or payment details change, please let TWoA contact person above know as soon as possible.

Members agree to comply with all TWoA Data Security, Information Technology Policies and Procedures, Privacy Legislation and Confidentiality requirements and notify TWoA if the member becomes aware of any breach of those requirements. The member can request a copy of any of the policies referred to herein from the contact person above.

The member also acknowledges that TWoA is subject to the Official Information Act 1982 and the member agrees to cooperate fully in providing any information which they have access to that TWoA is required to provide under the Official Information Act.


Upon approval of your membership, your membership fees become payable immediately. By providing us with your payment details, you accept and consent to being charged membership fees in the form of a direct debit from your nominated credit card as stated on your application of membership.

Your first membership fee will be prorated for the remainder of the calendar month if after the first working day of the month. Membership fee will be direct debited on the 1st day of every month thereafter. It is within our discretion to amend our membership fees at any time, and we will notify you in advance if there are to be any changes to the amount, date or frequency of the payment of your membership fees.

Failure to pay the subscription may result in the member not being admitted to Ahikōmako and the membership being terminated in accordance with clause 4 above.


From time to time Ahikōmako on behalf of TwoA will publish, or contribute to publications and promotions of any information relating to the use of this shared space and the member’s business. As a member of Ahikōmako you allow Ahikōmako on behalf of TWoA to depict your business in a positive manner and at its discretion across various mediums for the following but not limited to newspapers, newsletters, social media, reporting requirements or any other means required at the discretion of TWoA. In order for TWoA to do so, the member agrees to co-operate and complete any surveys, reports, valuations or questionnaires requested by TWoA within the required timeframes.

Ahikōmako provides a dedicated space (located physically at Ahikōmako and on www.ahikomako.nz for your business logo and details to be displayed; the format for display is at the sole discretion of Ahikōmako to ensure consistency and may be changed from time to time.

Personal business marketing resources may be set up at occupied workstations only and require approval by TwoA beforehand. Marketing materials such as pull-up banners or similar which can obstruct the environment for other members are not permitted unless agreed by TwoA.

Members acknowledge that any promotion of their business or acceptance as a member into this is at the sole discretion of TwoA and TwoA does not give any warranties to members as to whether they will promote their business and as well as this TWoA withholds the right to accept any members they wish without consideration of the other business types of current or previous or future members.


Members acknowledge that they will be solely responsible for all incidental costs incurred or required by them during the term of their membership and for the sake of clarity, all incidentals include but are not limited to any travel to and from the shared space, accommodation required, any food required during use, any business materials or resources required to operate from the shared space.


The members are able to bring clientele or customers (“visitors”) for the purpose of holding meetings or as a result undertaking the purpose of this membership and their business operations but in all cases, TWoA withholds the right to remove visitors or withhold member’s ability to bring visitors to the shared space at their sole discretion.

The members acknowledge that the shared space is designed to uphold a professional place for members to operate and in order to keep up this purpose, members are unable to bring children under 14 years of age into the shared space, unless previously agreed by TwoA.

The members will ensure their visitors comply with these terms and conditions and all aforementioned TwoA policies and procedures and indemnify TwoA from any responsibility of those visitors other than those agreed in these terms and conditions.


We want all our members to use and enjoy the activities and facilities available at Ahikōmako safely. Members agree to comply with Ahikōmako rules and Te Wananga o Aotearoa Health and Safety polices and any signs published or displayed at Ahikōmako at any time.

If a member or visitor has an accident or suffers any injury at, or in the vicinity of Ahikōmako please report this as soon as possible to a member of staff immediately. As well as wanting to check on a member and/or their visitors well-being, this information is needed in order to help us comply with our health and safety obligations.


All members are asked to respect our shared lobby and amenity with the Mangakotukutuku campus, employees of TwoA, their visitors and students of TWoA. Any willful damage by a member or their visitor in accordance with clause 9 above to any TWoA or Ahikōmako property will result in suspension or termination of the member’s contract in accordance with clause 4 above. The member will also be liable for any repairs, replacements or costs incurred by TWoA as a result of the damage.


All members must comply with the no smoking policy of TWoA and to all applicable no-smoking governmental laws, rules and regulations. No smoking (including e-cigarettes and vapes) is allowed at Ahikōmako or on the Mangakotukutuku premises at any time. TWoA reserves the right to prohibit or limit smoking in any area of the premises at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.


The member agrees to comply with all rules, bylaws, policies, procedures, regulations and governing legislation at all times upon acceptance as a member. If Ahikōmako on behalf of TWoA considers that any member’s conduct either inside or outside of the premises is, at its absolute discretion, contrary to the interests of Ahikōmako and TWoA, TWoA may terminate the membership in accordance with clause 4 above.

The member agrees to act in the best interests of TWoA at all times and co-operate to the fullest extent possible and not do anything that may unreasonably hinder or impede TWoA, any agents, staff, students or other members of the shares space.


All intellectual property of the parties will be and remain their separate property whether developed before, during or after use of the shared space and in all cases neither party grants to the other any licence to use, copy or modify any intellectual property of the other.


All items brought into Ahikōmako and the wider TWoA premises are brought and left entirely at the risk of a member or his or her clientele. TWoA, its servants and/or agents shall not be liable to any member or their clientele for any loss, damage or injury suffered by them or their property howsoever caused, save in respect of death or personal injury to a member to the extent caused by the negligence of TWoA, its servants and/or agents. This is not intended to affect any mandatory rights a member or clientele may have under governing laws that TWoA cannot legally restrict or exclude.


In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules or TWoA policies and procedures that cannot be resolved by clause 4, the matter shall be referred to TWoA management, whose decision with respect to your membership shall be final. TWoA may change Ahikōmako rules and/or policies and procedures from time to time, by displaying notification of the change on www.ahikomako.nz and notifying members. Please be aware that Ahikōmako rules in your membership agreement may not be completely up to date and that the latest version of Ahikōmako rules are displayed on site.